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 What's happiness? Is it sweetness and light and floating through days with a smile on your face? Does your fairy godmother bestow it on you? Nope, says Kevin Daum, who is not a psychologist, or minister. He's an INC. 500 entrepreneur with more than $1 billion in sales, including those for Video Marketing for Dummies. 

  1. Happy people live in a state of gratitude and recognize their many blessings. They appreciate the people and opportunities that have come their way and demonstrate their gratitude generously. 
  2. Happy has to be made, Daum says. Happy people have some things in common: 
  3. They clearly define happiness. They know what makes them happy and focus on making those things happen. Happiness is a personal objective reached by knowing what it looks like. 
  4. Small things please them. They are not waiting to win the lottery to be happy; they are taking joy in the world around them: Friends, sunsets, pets. 
  5. They cultivate self-confidence by becoming an authority on some things and acting on their knowledge. 
  6. Personal growth makes them happy and they are committed to learning and personal development. They want to challenge themselves. 
  7. They have a positive effect on people around them. Some create a happy atmosphere and they try to brighten the day of other people. 
Daum says being truly happy is not easy. But all efforts are worthwhile even when the path is slow.
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