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A dictionary can be an extremely useful learning tool, but it will only help your child with their spelling, vocabulary, reading and more, if they know how to employ it correctly and take full advantage of it. For tips on how to help them do just that, refer to the following post.

How to Teach a Child to Use a Dictionary

  1. For starters, go over the ABCs with your child (you can sing the song if preferred), so they feel comfortable with the alphabet and don't have any doubts of the order the letters are in.
  2. Choosing the wrong dictionary can be detrimental to your child's learning experience. At this stage, they probably need an updated English dictionary (if it's pocket-sized or it's illustrated, it may be better) as an appropriate learning tool.
  3. Once you have the right dictionary with you, go through it with your child, look at its different components (such as the pronunciations, the parts of speech, and the thesaurus), and advise them on how to employ them effectively.
  4. When it comes the time for your child to look for a word, teach them to begin searching for the first letter in the word. After they find it, they can use the guide words to locate the word they're interested in.
  5. Lastly, you should encourage your child to understand the definitions of the words they're searching for. To that end, they should look up unknown words in the definitions so that they can get a better idea of the first word's meaning.

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