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As another school year begins, it is important to remember the link between academic success and organization. While your child is making new friends, getting used to a new routine, and perhaps even a new school, organization may be far from his or her mind. The Tutoring Center in Houston would like to share SIX tips to help you help your child remain organized this school year. 

Set Goals

Think about what you would like to accomplish this week, month, or even more long term, and think about this year. Set goals, academic and personal, write them down, and figure out how to achieve them. You may share your goals with a trusted friend or family member in order that they can help you to achieve them and encourage you along the way. 

Avoid Clutter

The space in which you work, your backpack, and your locker, should be void of clutter. When you are done with a paper or assignment and feel you no longer need it, throw it away. What you do need to keep, keep neatly in folders or notebooks. The less you have, the more easily you stay organized. 

Designate a Study Space

Have a space in your home to place your belongs you’ll need for the following day of school. This includes supplies, your backpack, projects, and other materials. Imagine how much more smoothly mornings will go if you can avoid the rush to find what you need. On the same note, you should have a study space designated in your home. You may choose to use a desk in your room, avoiding the bed, the kitchen table, or another place entirely. This place should not have distractions or clutter and should be a place where your family knows you go to work. 

Write It Down

Although you may very well think you’ll remember an assignment, there is always the possibility you will forget. Why not write it down and save yourself the trouble? You could also take a picture of the assignment with your phone, but this is actually not the best of ideas either. Here’s why. When you take out your phone during study time, however innocently, you then become aware of the great distraction you have at your fingertips. It is best to avoid using your phone at all during this time. 

Use a Planner

As an alternative, consider using a planner to keep track of assignments. This is an excellent resource. Depending on the amount of time between receiving an assignment and when it is due, you can even write reminders to be working on it to avoid the rush of having to do it the night before. This is equally effective in remembering to study for an exam. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Decide whether working on more difficult assignments and the moving to the easier ones, or starting with the easier ones and moving toward the difficult is most effective for you. On the same note, schedule break times between assignments if you think they are necessary. Do something active for  a few minutes, refresh, and get back to work. 

Now that your child is more educated in the skill of organization, you may still find it necessary to get him or her help in an academic area of need. It is with great pleasure that the professional tutors of The Tutoring Center offer our assistance in helping your child reach academic success! Please contact us at 713-589-7061 today for tutoring in Houston.
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