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Reading requires time to develop but it’s fundamental in an academic context. Unfortunately, not all children seem naturally attracted to this activity. It’s important to instill this habit from a young age and at The Tutoring Center in Houston we would like to share a few ideas to help your children discover the joy of reading.

What to Read

Finding compelling material that attracts your children’s attention is crucial, and their interests and hobbies play an important role. Take them to the local library and allow them to choose their books. The local librarian can also provide them with fun and interesting recommendations. 

Reading Material

Wishing that your children would read more complex books is a mistake. Remember that comic books or graphic novels are a great start; in fact they will introduce your children to some basic concepts like plot, character interaction, conflict and resolution that will help them transition to other literature. 

Start at Home

Great readers are created at home and you have to play your role in this. Read a book in front of your children and it’s highly likely they will follow your behavior. Also, have enough books and magazines around your house and at reachable places. 

Find the Cause

There may be a particular problem lying behind your child’s reluctance to read; watch them carefully and see how they approach reading. Are they are having problems comprehending what they are reading? Is the material suitable for their level? This will help you find the appropriate way to help them.

These ideas can help you set the foundation for solid reading habits that will make things easier for your children throughout their academic life. Be sure to read this previous post containing information to help your children pay attention in class too, to further help them prosper.

If your children are struggling with reading, you could consider hiring a tutor. The Tutoring Center’s exclusive programs and highly qualified tutors are ready to provide your children with the assistance they need to improve and develop the skills they need to accomplish their academic goals.

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