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Drawing is one of the most common activities that children engage in, and you should encourage your own to do it, too, as it can provide a wide range of benefits that are crucial in this early stage of their lives. For more information on why you should motivate your child to draw more, refer to the following post.

Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Draw

To Help Them Express Themselves

Drawing allows your child to be creative, to put their thoughts in order, and to have a way to express what they're thinking, what they're imagining, or what they've been through.

So They Learn to Plan, Execute, and Solve Problems

Before you draw, you plan what you'll do, which colors to use, what shapes, etc. Then, you make an effort to see that idea through, even if something doesn't go as planned. Planning, executing, and problem-solving are important skills your child can use in life.

To Work on Their Fine Motor Skills

Believe it or not, learning to control your fine motor skills requires a lot of practice. Your child will be able to work on them when they draw, as they have to control their strength, how they move the pencil, and more.

As a Way to Develop Their Response to Visuals

Colors, shapes, and spatial arrangements are all a part of drawing. This means that if your child draws constantly, they'll have a better understanding of these elements, and will likely be more responsive to visual stimuli.

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