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While you should allow your child to rest and have fun during their summer break, you should also encourage them to participate in different academic activities so they can reinforce their knowledge and improve in different skills. For instance, you can use the tips below to help them improve their grammar over their summer vacation.

How to Practice Grammar Over the Break

Motivate Them to Read

Reading is one of the best activities that your child can participate in during summer. It can be fun and entertaining, as well as educational since it will help them develop their grammar, spelling, imagination, and vocabulary. Provide them with books that suit their interests and age so they can create a reading habit this summer.

Encourage Them to Write

Needless to say, if your child wants to improve their grammar skills, they should write as much as they can. Summer is the perfect time for this because they can keep a journal in which they document their thoughts, what they did, and how they spent their break. Doing so will also help them with spelling and with expressing their ideas better.

Help Them Practice Their Grammar

If you feel that your child could use a bit of extra help in order to master grammar, you can also give them practice sheets that they can complete. You can find a few of them online so your child has a chance to work and improve. You can set up a reward system with which you encourage them to complete them correctly.

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