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 A new study shows that caffeinated drinks can enhance memory. It doesn't matter whether it's from coffee, tea, soda or chocolate, says the lead author Michael Yassa. 

According to USA Today, Yassa and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University recruited young study participants who didn't...
 During last year's floods in Colorado, emergency officials said they were fed up with people going into risky flood areas to get a new profile picture or to score some retweets. 

If you're thinking about taking a storm photo, remember: better safe than viral. 

That advice applies...
 Until the mid-1800s, the likelihood of surviving any malady that required surgery was minimal. The surgeon was the local barber or a member of the family. Besides lack of knowledge and sanitation, there was, more importantly to the patient, no effective way to kill pain. Surgery was...
 The 2013 Baby Center survey of mothers shows that, for boys' names, 69 percent indicated strength; 60 percent indicated kindness; 50 percent of mothers thought the name indicated intelligence; 49 percent were for masculinity; 43 percent wanted individuality; 42 percent thought the name...
 If mom eats peanuts, baby might not be allergic to them

According to a new study at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, avoiding nuts during pregnancy increases the risk of the baby being allergic to them later on. They say eating nuts before and during pregnancy is...
 Just because author Jack Canfield holds a record for having seven books on the New York Times Best Seller List (at the same time), you might think he's already told us everything he knows about success. 

Not true. With co-author Janet Switzer, his latest book, "The Success Principles:...
 What's happiness? Is it sweetness and light and floating through days with a smile on your face? Does your fairy godmother bestow it on you? Nope, says Kevin Daum, who is not a psychologist, or minister. He's an INC. 500 entrepreneur with more than $1 billion in sales, including those...
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