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Reading and writing on a regular basis are probably two of the most beneficial activities a child can engage in since they will stimulate their imagination, help them work on several academic skills, and help them communicate and listen to others better. In the past, you read through a few ideas on how to encourage your child to read. In this installment, you'll find ways to motivate your child to write more.

How to Motivate a Child to Write

Dip Into Writing Yourself

Children learn from their parents. Many of the things they do are just replicas of what they see you do. To encourage your child to write, they need to know you write as well, and that you enjoy it. You could even set time apart to write with them each afternoon, and it can be a great bonding activity.

Make Writing a Relaxed Activity

Feeling pressured to write, being punished for mistakes made, and other similar occurrences, are likely to push your child away from writing, rather than motivate them to do it. Keep a relaxed attitude about writing so that they can do it happily.

Seek Inspiration Everywhere

Writing is much easier when you have something to write about. To help your child's inspiration fairy, make up stories with them, try new things, read more often, and share ideas with your child. This will get them excited to write things down.

Help Them Through It

It's possible that your child will have doubts, questions, or insecurities throughout their writing process. In those cases, you need to be there for them: read their material, give them feedback, and let them know that they can do it if they keep practicing.

Help Your Child Write with Tutoring in Houston TX

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