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Take advantage of this summer’s hot weather to make some science experiments. Keep your children’s minds in action to reduce the summer slide. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has some cool science ideas to take advantage of the heat.

Melting Objects

A simple experiment that teaches about the state of matter is a melting experiment. It is very easy and extremely cheap, you can use objects that you have around the house. You can use crayons, cheese, a piece of soap, a Lego, a wooden block, chocolate, butter, a coin, a marble, a rock, and a marshmallow. Place each object on a cupcake tin. Make a chart with 3 columns, one for the object, one for “Do you think it will melt?” and one for “Did it melt?” Fill in the chart. Leave the tin out in the sun for an hour, and come back an check on the results.

Fun Crayons

Now that your children figured out that crayons DO actually melt under the sun, use that to your advantage. Gather all the pieces of broken crayons you may find and some metal/aluminum cookie cutters. Put a cookie sheet covered with wax paper outside in the sun. Place the cookie cutters and fill them with crayons to make a big, colorful differently shaped crayon.

Egg on the Sidewalk Experiment

If the weather is extremely hot why don’t you try to do what the saying: “it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk“ says?  Try frying an egg directly on the sidewalk and one on a pan. Make sure you do so during the hottest part of the day. You can answer for yourself if the saying is true.

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