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While tests can be nerve-wracking for most students, some suffer severe anxiety because of them which can affect their academic performance. If you notice that your child may be undergoing test anxiety, in this post you will find a few ways to help them overcome it.

How to Help Your Child Overcome Test Anxiety

Ensure They Eat and Sleep Well

If exam week is approaching and your child's anxiety is getting in the way of them leading a healthy lifestyle, make sure that they eat and sleep well. After all, being tired and hungry can affect their learning capabilities and can even keep them from controlling their anxiety.

Help Them Improve Their Study Habits

If your child's anxiety is sparked by them not feeling prepared for their tests, help them improve their study habits: create a study schedule, adapt to their learning style, study every day, and even enroll them in tutoring classes in Houston TX, so they feel more confident in their knowledge and skills.

Find a Ways to Relax

Help your child channel all of that nervous energy into relaxing activities; exercise with them, play with your pet, listen to soothing music, or simply encourage them to breathe in deeply. It's also important that you talk to them at length about their feelings, and remind them that getting a few answers wrong in a test isn't the worst thing ever.

Visit a Professional

Finally, if your child's test anxiety is taking a toll on other areas of their life even after you've tried the tips above, take them to a professional psychologist. They can help your child express those emotions and help them improve.

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