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Having a gifted child can lead to a great pride in your child’s abilities. It can also, however, provide it’s own set of challenges. To be sure, gifted when in reference to a child’s abilities, means that he or she has an exceptional ability to reason and to learn. These children are within the top 10% of their peers, academically speaking. If you suspect your child may fall into this category, you can certainly get him or her tested. If you have already found out that your child is considered gifted, then you may be wondering what you, as a parent, can do to ensure he or she is encouraged and challenged throughout his or her academic years. The Tutoring Center in Houston would like to help you by providing these specific ways to do just that. Keep in mind that your gifted child could also benefit from tutoring in order to be provided with extra challenges. For tutoring in Houston, be sure to contact us to find out more about our programs. 

Remember that it’s important for your gifted child to feel challenged. Your gifted child can achieve this in a regular classroom if the teacher is willing and able to work with you. You can consider asking your child’s teacher to assist you in the following ways:
  • Ask if there are any enrichment or advanced activities your child could do to enhance his or her learning. Perhaps the teacher has a math workbook that is more advanced than the others in the class and your child could take some time to silently work on those activities. Or, if your child’s reading level is higher than the others in his or her class, remind your child’s teacher of this and encourage the teacher to provide more challenging reading material for your child. 
  • If your child is getting done with his or work ‘too quickly’, then perhaps you can see if the teacher will provide time for your child to work on an independent study project.
  • You can also consider seeing about having your child moved up a grade or two. Of course, you’d need the recommendation from your child’s teacher as well as an evaluation with the school counselor to ensure your child is socially and developmentally ready for that change.

Likewise, it’s important for you to remember to provide your child with extra opportunities to gain knowledge. 
  • Assist your child in pursuing activities that he or she will find personally interesting. You understand your child’s gifted nature and know what his or her passions are. Allow your child, whether through reading about them or actually participating in activities, to pursue those interests. 
  • Remember that gifted children tend to be very independent and responsible, so you will want to take the conversations you have with your child seriously. If your child has an idea of how his or her learning can be enhanced, then listen, and give it some consideration. 

Whether your child falls into the category of gifted, and is in need of more challenges in his or her academic pursuits, or you find that your child is struggling to keep up, The Tutoring Center is equipped to help. Your child can benefit from tutoring either way, and you may also benefit from these tips on helping your child with homework. For tutoring in Houston, be sure to give us a call to see how we can best serve you and your child, 713-589-7061.
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