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Being dehydrated can be extremely dangerous as your body and mind won't be able to work properly because of the lack of water. Moreover, if you have growing children, dehydration can keep them from developing effectively. Now that the hot summer days are here, it is crucial that you follow the tips below to keep your child hydrated despite the intense heat.

How to Keep Your Child Hydrated

Have a Conversation With Them

Children like to be treated as adults, so it may be that the best way to keep your child hydrated is to talk to them about the importance of drinking enough water on a daily basis. Understanding this will make them more likely to keep up with their own hydration.

Make It Fun

If, despite your talk, your child isn't eager to drink water, make it fun for them. Give them colorful glasses, curly straws, add lemon, orange, or cucumber to their water, and even create a 'scoreboard' where they can write down how much water they've drank each day.

Know How Much Water They Should Drink

Even though the common idea is that you should be drinking 8 glasses of water each day, it is important to note that this is largely dependent on a few different variables. You should consider your child's age, their height and weight, how active they are, and how much they sweat to get a more accurate number. To have a more exact idea of how much water your child should be drinking, visit their pediatrician.

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