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One of the most challenging aspects of the integration of technology into the classroom is the conflict with the need to restrict screen time in early education. Early childhood experts and educators agree that too much screen time can actually be harmful for early childhood development, resulting in delayed speech, irregular sleep, and even behavioral problems.   

However in a world increasingly dominated by technology these digital natives are growing up surrounded by digital devices, and need ways to practice, understand, and integrate these in their daily lives. 

A great way to help toddlers, and early school age children work with technology is cooperative play with an adult. Taking pictures together of family and friends, and the viewing them and discussing them together on the screen is a good way to engage toddlers in the use of technology in their lives.   

With school age children allowing them to use technology to digitally track their daily activities through pictures or writing, allows then to not only create interpret what is going on in their lives and to discuss it with parents and teachers.   

Allowing toddlers and school aged children the opportunity to view, create and discuss images from their own lives also generates the opportunity to discuss images form diverse other parts of the country or world. Opening up the discussion to comparing and contrasting the activities of other children or adults. In this way technology works to help children better understand the world around them, teaches them to create and control technology, and prepares them to use technology in their adult lives.  

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