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Helping your child to stay organized and maintain excellent grades are probably your priorities as he or she is in school. Are you aware that one way you can help him or her to do so is by ensuring that your child has a balanced and energy filled breakfast in the morning? There are some that may think breakfast is overrated, but there are numerous studies that indicate children who have a balanced breakfast are better at solving difficult math problems, as well as of course having an increased metabolism and less cravings for sweets or junk food throughout the day. Here at The Tutoring Center in Houston we would like to provide you with a few  ideas for delicious and healthy breakfasts. 

Consider making a smoothie for your child. You may include fresh or frozen fruit they enjoy, as well as yogurt or orange juice. You might even consider adding spinach for some extra iron and protein. Remember though, that spinach will make the smoothie a rather green color that some may find unsavory. Keep that in mind if you have a selective eater. 

 A great go to, of course, is eggs. You could make scrambled eggs or an omelet with vegetables, pairing them with some whole wheat toast, a cup of orange juice, and perhaps some fruit to add a bit of sweetness. 

Don’t forget that some children genuinely like yogurt. Don’t be afraid to serve this at breakfast. You may consider adding granola or fruit. Add a bit of honey to make it sweeter, but be careful to check the sugar content when purchasing pre-sweetened and/or flavored yogurt. 

Muffins or whole grain waffles are another great way to start the day, and of course you can pair them with anything else on the list as well. 

It is important to help your child be healthy, but you do not have to break the bank or spend a lot of time. You can make the waffles before, freeze them, and reheat them in the microwave oven or toaster. Simply organizing the ingredients for the smoothie the night before and blending them when it’s time can save you some time and provide something really healthy and delicious for your child with greater ease. 

Brainstorm ways you can make some of these breakfast options for your child to help avoid him or her eating sugary cereal each morning. Help them have a great start to each and every day.  

Remember that The Tutoring Center is here to help you with all things academic concerning your child. If you should discover that she or he is in need of tutoring in Houston, be sure to contact us at 713-589-7061.
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