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Increased intelligence, improved vocabulary, further developed communication skills.; these are just some of the benefits of being an avid reader. Still, if your child isn't much of a reader now, below you'll find some tips on how you can encourage them to make reading a habit.

How to Motivate Your Child to Read More

Make Yourself an Example

First and foremost, practice what you preach. Your child is far more likely to view reading as a positive, enriching, and pleasant activity if they see you enjoy it as well.

Let them Choose

Give your child some independence and let them choose a book that speaks to their interests, so they feel more eager to read it. Just supervise that the material is appropriate for their age and reading level.

Read Along

While reading is often viewed as a solitary activity, you can do it with your child: take turns reading aloud to each other. This way, your child will consider reading as a bonding activity.

Set the Right Conditions

Where and when your child reads can affect their enjoyment of the activity. Choose a comfy place with no distractions so they can focus. For instance, they can read in bed before sleeping.

Improve Their Reading Comprehension

Your child won't be much of a reader if their reading comprehension levels aren't optimal. To help them, have them take notes and give them a dictionary so that they can become better readers.

Discuss the Reading Material

The discussions that emerge from a book can be just as exciting as the reading itself. Discuss your child's reading material, share ideas and questions, so they find more joy in reading.

Visit the Library

Finally, visit the library as a way to encourage your child to read more. Being in a building dedicated to books, filled with stories and information, can elevate their enthusiasm for reading.

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