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Winter break learning loss is a phenomenon that takes place when a student neglects their academics during the break and forgets everything they learned. This means that they go into the new school term as a blank slate, which can make learning new lessons harder. If you don't want this to happen to your child, follow the tips below to help them in this respect.

How to Avoid Winter Break Learning Loss

Read and Write Often

Two of the best things a child can do with their time off school is read and write. Through them, they will continue to learn and expand their knowledge even if they're not physically in class. Encourage them to read often and to keep a journal so that they can practice over the break.

Hand Out Worksheets

While it's true that your child's break is meant to give them a rest from school, completing a couple of worksheets can really help. Search for worksheets on the web that will help them practice their school subjects and lessons, and reward them if they complete them correctly.

Go Over the Notes

It's also wise to go over your child's notes a few times during their vacation. This will help ensure that what they learned during the previous school term won't be forgotten. Not only that but this way, they'll be ready to build on the knowledge they acquired when they return to school.

Discuss Their Subjects

As a final tip, and something that can help prevent winter break learning loss immensely is simply discussing your child's subjects with them. Ask them to explain a math concept or a grammar rule now and then, to help reinforce their knowledge.

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