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The end of the school term is coming closer and closer; and with it, final exams. If you're searching for effective study methods that can help you ace your tests, you may turn to using highlighters. However, they won't help you learn successfully on their own. To find out how you can use highlighters to your advantage over finals, continue reading.

How to Study with a Highlighter

Use Highlighters as a Complement

As mentioned above, highlighters won't help you learn on their own. However, they can be a pretty effective tool to aid in other study methods. For instance, you can use them when you're taking notes to bring attention to the most important bits of information.

Employ Different Colors

If you want to make studying easier for you, you can employ different colored highlighters and assign a type of information for each one (e.g. blue to highlight names). This will help you identify, assimilate, and recollect the information better.

Avoid Writing or Doodling With Them

If you'll be using highlighters, don't write or doodle with them. Essentially, only use them to highlight. If you don't, you run the risk of getting distracted or confused with the scribbles around the important information.

Highlight With Care

Tied to the point above, you should be careful with what you use your highlight for. If you overuse your highlighter, you won't know what's important anymore. For that reason, you should only start highlighting after the second or third time you read a text, once you know what information is really relevant.

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