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Summer time is often travel time for families. Whether your traveling in a car, or flying in a plane, one thing you must do is keep your toddlers entertained for everyone's sanity. Here are 10 fun activity tips to help keep your toddler smiling.

1. Grab several different types of paper. Choose different colors and textures. Staple them together, so they don't end up all over the car (or plane). Grab some crayons that don't roll around, and voila! 

2. While whiteboards are a fun choice for writing and drawing, sometimes keeping up with white board markers can be a hassle, even if they don't dry up. A great alternative is getting a magnetic writing board. If you shop around, you can even find ones with multiple colors for added fun.

3. Copycat doesn't have to be an annoyance if you use it to keep your child entertained. From it's simplest form of having your child mimic your bahaviors, to more complex games of creating patterns for them to follow, you can keep changing it up to help mediate those short attention spans.

4. Depending on your childs dexterity, chopsticks and tongs can help create a myriad of games. From trying to eat their snacks to sorting toys, this can be a challenging activity that lets them practice the motor skills.

5. Magazines. Magazines usually have lots of pictures and are easy to pack, and can be a great source of fun games, like I Spy. If you happen to have a magnifying glass, searching for minute images on the page can also be a lot of fun.

6. Bring a metal baking sheet. This can be used as a portable play surface, and can keep all the toys from sropping or rolling out of reach. It can also act as a portable magnetic surface if you bring along letters, or even a fridge activity set.

7. If you remembered your metal baking sheet, bring along some play dough. The sheet gives you a hard surface to work on and helps keep it all in place. 

8. Make some edible jewelry, or have the kids do it, if they can. They get practice with their motor skills, while staying busy, and if they eat a little, they can avoid getting too hungry.

9. Colored pipe cleaners make a very versatile toy. You can use them to make shapes, create figures, make jewelry, and then undo it all all and start over.

10. Hand them a camera, age appropriate of course, and let them take pictures as you go. 

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