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Drawing is one of the most common activities that children engage in, and you should encourage your own to do it, too, as it can provide a wide range of benefits that are crucial in this early stage of their lives. For more information on why you should motivate your child to draw more, refer to...
For many people, the new year gives them the motivation to work on themselves and improve their lives. If you want to build on this momentum and create resolutions to become a better student this year, here are a few that you should consider keeping.

Academic New Year's Resolutions

  1. Having a...
Winter break learning loss is a phenomenon that takes place when a student neglects their academics during the break and forgets everything they learned. This means that they go into the new school term as a blank slate, which can make learning new lessons harder. If you don't want this to happen...
Knowing how to communicate effectively through written words requires several skills, including spelling. If you notice that your child has a challenging time with it, here are a few tips that can help them improve significantly.

How to Help Your Child Work on Their Spelling Skills

  1. Encourage...
While tests can be nerve-wracking for most students, some suffer severe anxiety because of them which can affect their academic performance. If you notice that your child may be undergoing test anxiety, in this post you will find a few ways to help them overcome it.

How to Help Your Child...

Increased intelligence, improved vocabulary, further developed communication skills.; these are just some of the benefits of being an avid reader. Still, if your child isn't much of a reader now, below you'll find some tips on how you can encourage them to make reading a habit.

How to Motivate...

During bouts of fast growth, tweens and teens have larger appetites. Keeping your refrigerator and cupboards stocked with healthy foods can help promote healthy living in your tween or teen. Also, eating a healthy breakfast is very important because it gives your teen or tween the mental energy...

Benefits of Studying During the Day

It is a well-known fact that studying during the day is beneficial, especially if we've enjoyed a big breakfast in the early morning that will sustain energy levels until mid-morning or the early-afternoon. During the day, you are unlikely to require...
Physical activity isn’t something that should be done just to lose weight, especially regarding children. It is a fundamental part of their healthy growth and development. Tutoring in Houston TX can aid in your child’s mental development, but you should also consider signing your children up for...
Take advantage of this summer’s hot weather to make some science experiments. Keep your children’s minds in action to reduce the summer slide. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has some cool science ideas to take advantage of the heat.

Melting Objects

A simple experiment that teaches about the...
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