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A properly managed student planner can help you organize your time, prioritize your activities, track your goals, and become a more successful student. For a few tips on how you can use a planner effectively for school, continue reading.

How to Manage a Planner for School

Choose the Right...

 The first day back at school can be challenging to some students. Especially since it means that summer vacation is officially over. If you're having a hard time accepting that it's time to return to your academic life, here are some tips to make that first day as easy on you as possible.


Museums are places where knowledge is shared. Needless to say, visiting one with your child can be a great learning opportunity for them. Moreover, it can be a lovely bonding experience for the both of you. Follow the tips below to make your visit even better.

How to Visit a Museum with Your Child


Believe it or not, your child's pencil grip can have an important influence in their life. Not only will it affect their penmanship and drawing abilities, but it can also affect its fine-motor skills and health (e.g. in the form of sever Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). If your child is starting to...
Reading and writing on a regular basis are probably two of the most beneficial activities a child can engage in since they will stimulate their imagination, help them work on several academic skills, and help them communicate and listen to others better. In the past, you read through a few ideas...
Drawing is one of the most common activities that children engage in, and you should encourage your own to do it, too, as it can provide a wide range of benefits that are crucial in this early stage of their lives. For more information on why you should motivate your child to draw more, refer to...
For many people, the new year gives them the motivation to work on themselves and improve their lives. If you want to build on this momentum and create resolutions to become a better student this year, here are a few that you should consider keeping.

Academic New Year's Resolutions

  1. Having a...
Winter break learning loss is a phenomenon that takes place when a student neglects their academics during the break and forgets everything they learned. This means that they go into the new school term as a blank slate, which can make learning new lessons harder. If you don't want this to happen...
Knowing how to communicate effectively through written words requires several skills, including spelling. If you notice that your child has a challenging time with it, here are a few tips that can help them improve significantly.

How to Help Your Child Work on Their Spelling Skills

  1. Encourage...
While tests can be nerve-wracking for most students, some suffer severe anxiety because of them which can affect their academic performance. If you notice that your child may be undergoing test anxiety, in this post you will find a few ways to help them overcome it.

How to Help Your Child...

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